Delivering power generators to Tsyrkuny village

Delivering power generators to Tsyrkuny village

With the ongoing power shortage, having a heat source during the winter becomes vital for people in Ukraine. Local authorities and volunteers are relentlessly working on setting up "Points of Invincibility shelter locations where civilians can find heat and power outlets during blackouts.

Small villages, especially in the areas most affected by the Russian invasion, need support this winter season. Tsyrkuny, a village in the suburbs of Kharkiv, was invaded by Russian troops at the very start of the war. This is where the Russian forces set up their arms and regularly bombarded Kharkiv for several months. Now, as the area is liberated, volunteers are able to help people with the most essential needs.

Scents of Ukraine was able to support a humanitarian mission to Tsyrkuny. The following aid was provided to the village community:

  • Food packs
  • HONDA power generator
  • 2 firewood heaters 

We are grateful to all our supporters who made this possible. We also acknowledge the bravery and dedication of our partner organization Sunrise Ukraine, which delivered help on the ground.


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