Helping people with disabilities in Ukraine

Helping people with disabilities in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, Russian military is targeting civilian infrastructure objects which include power plants and water supply facilities. The people of Ukraine suffer from increasing food prices and water shortages, and those who are most vulnerable suffer the most. Helping people with disabilities in Ukraine becomes of utmost importance.

Scents of Ukraine is committed to helping those in need where we can. We are a small brand, but we believe it is important to do our part. If we can help at least one family in need, our efforts are worth it.

This time we directed our help to a few families with people with disabilities in Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. We collaborated with trusted volunteers in Zhytomyr to purchase the necessary food, water, and other essentials for those families. 

We are so touched by how humble and kind-hearted those people are. We are grateful for their prayers as we continue to raise funds for our next humanitarian initiatives.

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Doing good feels good.

By purchasing a Scents of Ukraine product, you support humanitarian aid in Ukraine.