School supply kits for children in Ukraine

School supply kits for children in Ukraine

September is the back-to-school season for students all over the world. In Ukraine, however, children had to return to classrooms facing the new scary reality of the war. 

As a result of the ongoing Russian aggression, many families in Ukraine are facing financial struggles. People now often lose their stable income while local currency has severely depreciated. With that, many families find it difficult to purchase bare day-to-day essentials, including school supplies. 

At Scents of Ukraine, we believe in kindness. With our actions we want to prove that love and hope are stronger than the darkness of the war. 

Yuliya Gorenko from Scents of Ukraine funded school supply kits for 8 Ukrainian families in a small village in Poltava region. While this number might seem insignificant compared to the scale of the catastrophe, we believe that small acts of kindness can be crucial to one’s life. 

To complete this project, we contacted a trusted local volunteer who purchased and delivered the kits to children in need. 

ukrainian children received help from Scents of Ukraine

The volunteer got to speak to every child–she asked them about their favorite subjects and after-school activities. The kids show great interest in study, and they have beautiful and kind souls. We were so touched to hear their stories!

ukrainian children received help from Scents of Ukraine

We wish these kids a successful school year. We pray for all kids of Ukraine whose childhood was abruptly hit by the war. 

Scents of Ukraine is determined to continue our mission to support Ukrainians affected by the war. If you are interested in helping us raise funds for our next campaigns, please leave us a message via our contact form.

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