Sending help to a Ukrainian family

Sending help to a Ukrainian family

On June 6, 2022 Sonya and Rostislav, siblings from Ukraine, celebrated their 13th birthday. However, this year it was different. Together with their mother Yevgeniya, they had to flee their home town Kyiv to escape the war. 

As they found shelter in Spain, they are trying to continue their lives as normally as they possibly can. They are hosted by a local logistics firm that allowed them to live in the technical premises of their office, together with other Ukrainian refugees. 

In his pre-war life in Ukraine, Rostislav was a member of the youth soccer club. Local community in Spain welcomed him warmly, and invited him to join the district soccer club. 

Rostislav's story was shared in the local newspaper in Spain.

Sonya, Rostislav's sister, is fond of arts. She regularly attended art school in Kyiv. Now she continues to paint, even when far from home. 

Sonya's recent art work.

As the war started on February 24, 2022 the family was at their Kyiv apartment. They were staying at home for the first couple weeks of the war. 

Ukrainian kids hiding in the bathroom during the shelling

Sonya, Rostislav, and their cat Josephina hiding in the bathroom of their Kyiv apartment during the first days of the war. 

We managed to send financial help to Yevheniya, the kids' mother, who purchased small gifts for her kids' birthday. With his new soccer boots, we hope Rostislav will be able to successfully continue his soccer career. 

If you are interested in helping Yevheniya's family directly, please contact us.


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