Supporting volunteer work in Izyum

Supporting volunteer work in Izyum

The full-scale Russian war against Ukraine started with the invasion of several Ukrainian regions. While Russian troops are still controlling a large territory of the country, Ukrainian armed forces have made massive progress in liberating regions in the North-East of Ukraine.

In mid-September, when the Ukrainians took back control over Kharkiv region, a horrifying scenery was uncovered. Civilian infrastructure was heavily damaged and people were left without access to essentials like food or medications.

As soon as the territories of Kharkiv region were liberated by the Ukrainian army, volunteers rushed to deliver aid to those in need.

Scents of Ukraine collaborated with a group of volunteers who provide targeted help in Izyum, a city heavily ruined during the invasion.

The first initiative we helped with was organizing medical treatment for a 12-year-old orphan with disabilities. The young boy was living in Izyum with his father who also had severe health problems. During the Russian occupation, his father passed away as he could not receive the necessary medical treatment.

Fortunately, the boy got into a local facility for elderly people with disabilities where he lived during the Russian invasion. As the volunteers were delivering help to the facility after the territory was liberated, they found the boy and realized he needs intense medical treatment. They arranged his transportation to Okhmatdyt, a leading children hospital in Kyiv. The volunteers are now working on the boy's further custody and treatment. 

If you are interested in helping him directly, please contact us.

Another project we were able to support was delivering essential supply to a veterinary clinic in Izyum. Animals are often left behind in the reality of the war and taking care of them is truly important.

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